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User Conference 2018

Sign up for the Four Rooms of Change User Conference in Stockholm!

Place:     Ersta Conference Center in Stockholm
Time:       29 – 31 August 2018
Address:  Erstagatan 1K. Bus ten minutes from Central Station.




Wednesday: Case studies, experience exchange and presentations.
Thursday: Stations where we explore different ways of using the Four Rooms of Change.
Friday: Communication in the future and the Four Rooms of Change. We invite some experts!


Wednesday. The conference starts 1. p.m. We work until 6.p.m., then mingling in the garden. Dinner 6.30 p.m.
Thursday. The conference starts 9 a.m. Guests participate from 10.30.p.m. We work until 6.00.p.m., then mingling in the garden. Dinner 6.30 p.m..
Friday. The conference starts 9.a.m. and it ends 1.p.m.


Complete Conference, three days including dinner: 206 Euro.
If you participate certain days: Wednesday including dinner: 85 Euro. Thursday including dinner: 120 Euro. Friday: 50 Euro. Guests participating Thursday including dinner: 90. Prices without VAT.


Ersta Conference is located by the sea on “Södermalm” in Stockholm. Hotel rooms can be found here from 795 SEK/night (standard) to 1.895 SEK/night (suite). Book here!