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Trademarks of the Four Rooms of Change

The concept, analytical instruments and tools of the Four Rooms of Change are registered trademarks and cannot be used without permission.

Immaterial rights, copyright and registered trademarks

The originator of the theory the Four Rooms of Change is Claes Janssen, Swedish psychologist, researcher and author. All immaterial rights such as copyright, rights to the registered trademarks and all commercial rights belongs to the Four Rooms of Change Group, Fyrarummaren AB. The registered trademarks

  • Four Rooms of Change,
  • the Organizational Barometer,
  • Fyrarummaren and
  • Förändringens fyra rum

as well as the concepts, texts, questionnaires and models that the trademarks protect may only be used commercially by users that have been certified by Fyrarummaren AB or any of their official international distributors provided they keep their certification active.

What does it mean that the Four Rooms of Change is protected?

The concept of the Four Rooms of Change, including the use of its theory, all models and analytical instruments are protected against intrusion, that is, all forms of commercial use without written permission from the rights holders. The exception is certified users of the Four Room of Change, who are rights holders and may use trademarks and other parts of the Four Rooms of Change concept within the agreed limits.

Avoid plagiarism and look-alikes

There are plagiarisms out there. Use only the real thing performed by certified users. Certified users are educated in the concept, well experienced and they are part of the Quality Control Program. They are also the only ones who have the permission to use it.

If you detect intrusion

If you see or hear of plagiarism, look-alikes or any other intrusion into the Four Rooms of Change copyright, we would be very grateful if you could contact us.