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Here you find the worksheets that support working with the Four Rooms of Change tools.

  • The Organizational Four Room worksheet is used when working with the Introduction. You use it together with the 5th flipchart. Download

  • Me and my Four Rooms of Change
    Me and my Four Rooms. What can I do to increase Contentment and Inspiration and decrease Censorship and Confusion?
  • The Four Rooms of Change model
    Put a question in the organizational Four Rooms of Change model. What in the question creates Contentment, what creates Censorship… Download
  • Distribution of answers for contentment
    Distribution of answers. Use to collect the participants responces when working with the Organizational Barometer.  Download
  • The Individual Organizational Barometer
    Individual Organizational Barometer. Step-by-step guide for working with the barometer with just one person. Download
  • The Problem Situation Matrix
    Problem Situation Matrix. A tool for investigating the whole problemsituation including creating action plans. Download

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