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How do I use The Four Rooms of Change?

The Four Rooms of Change is a concept and a theory complete with methods, analytical instruments and models that can be used to support innovation, development, and change.

  • Change Change ManagementThe Four Rooms of Change can be used in change management, innovation and development to achieve results and increase development capability. It engages everyone in the process and creates opportunities for commitment and participation.
  • Improve collaboration in groups and teamsThe Four Rooms of Change analytical tools are often used to improve collaboration and efficiency in groups. The tools can be used in all types of groups, from small project groups to large teams, entire companies or large public organizations.
  • Climate and employee surveyWhile the research has shown that employee surveys often silence the employees, the Organizational Barometer™ helps employees find their voice and participate in decisions that affect both their wellbeing but also development in the business.
  • HR company licenseHR departments that certify team members gain access to tools that are excellent for use in change management initiatives, in organizational climate studies with everyone’s involvement, in increasing the quality of employee dialogue and in guiding teams to produce better results.
  • Personal development conflict managementThe Personal Dialectics is used primarily in individual development and in small groups. It gives an understanding of both one´s own and others’ driving forces and preferences and their consequences in collaboration, development, growth and change.
  • Leadership development management changes Use the Four Rooms of Change analytical instruments in leadership development on every level in the organization, in programs, coaching or tutoring.
    The method is useful for managerial changes as well and offers materials for further development.
  • Work environment systematic approach The Organizational Barometer™ works well to pinpoint the issues in the work environment. It’s effective, efficient and profitable. The Four Rooms of Change is an approved method and organizer of systematical environment work. Everyone participates.
  •  The design of the workplace is important. It affects how we work together, what we produce and how we feel. It can inspire or even prevent our work. There are methods that build on the Four Rooms of Change and involve everyone in the design of more effective workplaces.
  • In school and classroom The Four Rooms of Change is often used in schools and classrooms. Education and methods for working with teachers and students. Easily accessible, used by the students every day. Measurable effects on learning and reduces the tendencies that lead to bullying.
  • Business development The Organizational Barometer investigates how a business works. All concerned are involved in analysis, processing, conclusions and action plans. This enables measurable results and built-in follow-up actions.
  • In management groups and boards The Four Rooms of Change is often used in development work with management teams and boards to create consensus and progress, as well as to lead and manage development work throughout the organization.
  • Society, integration and development The Four Rooms of Change can be used in system development at all levels, for instance in the Australian state of Tasmania. It is also used successfully in work with integration, democracy, environment and diversity.