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Company License and certification

Perhaps you are a medium to a large sized organization, and you are considering implementing the Four Rooms of Change in your entire system. We would like to invite you to consider a Company License.

There are many benefits to in choosing a company license including certification and development of internal Four Rooms of Change practitioners and access to the entire concept, materials, and analytical instruments.

The certification program provides training in an entitlement to the whole concept of the Four Rooms of Change. Individuals can participate in the open certification program consisting of three parts during a year, and practice between parts.

Implement the Four Rooms of Change in your entire business!

The certification is key, and it provides access to methods and tools to:

  • Conduct climate surveys in a new and more efficient way
  • Work with change and business development
  • Increase the quality of the employee interview
  • Develop managers
  • Solve conflicts
  • Get groups and teams to produce better

For references and more information, contact us here.