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The Victorian Managed Insurance Authority

The Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) is a statutory authority providing insurance for state assets and risk management services to the State Government of Victoria. It was established as a Public Financial Corporation on 1 October 1996 and its current portfolio includes cover for $144 billion of state assets. Clients include Victorian Government departments, statutory authorities and agencies, as well as hospitals, tertiary institutions, health centres, community service organisations, national parks, museums and cemetery trusts. VMIA also provides insurance cover for approximately 15,000 Victorian residential builders through the Domestic Building Insurance program.

In 2006–2007, VMIA underwent a major reorganisation with four objectives: firstly greater client impact, secondly product and service development, thirdly increased career paths and professional development opportunities for staff and fourthly enhanced internal and external communication. Other aspects of the change included the relocation of staff to new office space, changes to business information systems, the recruitment of new personnel and the development of a 360 degree performance management system.

MIA engaged consultancy Scaffidi Hugh-Jones (now Senate SHJ) to develop a communication strategy that would help smooth the path of the reorganisation. SHJ analysed the risks associated with the change to determine the best model to communicate the effects of change and to assist and support managers through the change process. SHJ decided to work with the Four Rooms of Change® and worked with the VMIA to develop a package of communication including a CEO briefing, information and discussion workshops for all employees and detailed plans for the change process.

In addition, VMIA and SHJ developed a Change Support Pack that drew heavily on the Four Rooms of Change model. It used the model to help managers identify, analyse, and address employee issues. The pack contained information on the process of change and was designed to alert managers to the stages of change through which they and their staff might be going through at that time. To further the communication process, SHJ developed behavioural and communication guidelines for each of the four rooms.

Testimonial from Angela Scaffidi

Angela Scaffidi“Change programs need to give power back to the individual. That’s why at Senate SHJ, we have embraced the Four Rooms of Change: a theory that helps people to reflect on their responses to change and to take responsibility for their own feelings and actions. This theory recognises the powerful personal drivers for change, including hope, family, support, community, celebration and success. Those leading the change also get a clearer picture of how people are responding, to better guide the direction and pace of change.”

Angela Scaffidi, Partner and Change Practice Lead at Senate SHJ