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Leadership in Tasmania

The Tasmanian Leaders Program identifies and develops leaders who are committed to creating and influencing the growth of a successful society and future for the island state of Tasmania.

Lynda Jones and Bob Campbell on Leadership and the Four Rooms of ChangeBob Campbell and Lynda Jones are presently helping to deliver the three residentials of the program. These four day retreats provide an immersive experience for the learners, offering teachings and coaching in four key areas: diagnostics, self-awareness and development, energising others and the design and delivery of skilful interventions. They have and will continue to make the tools of The Four Rooms of Change® central to their contribution. The tools are used to explore leaders, followers and situations.

In the first residential, learners are introduced to The Four Rooms of Change® so they have an awareness of the four frames of mind people find themselves in during change and transition, with an emphasis on the most effective forms of leadership and communication to use in each room. In the second residential, they take a deeper dive into the Personal Dialectics and the Outsider Scale and use it around case studies of managing difficult people and choosing amongst competing values. In the final residential, they will use the Organizational Barometer to assess the year-long program, providing invaluable insights into how the program might be more relevant and therefore effective to the needs of developing leadership and responding to the needs of the State.

Recently Lynda and Bob presented the program outline at the Four Rooms of Change International User Forum in Stockholm. People were intrigued by not only the State and its particular challenges and opportunities but also in bringing together both personality and situational responses for deeper understanding.