Four Rooms of Change Certification Programme

The Program, 2+2+2 Days

The program consists of three parts. Each part is two days in length over the course of 8 to 10 months. Before Part I, there is an introductory conversation with one of the program mangers.

To become certified, there are specific requirements for using the tools between Parts I, II, and III. Immediately after Part I, the participants begin to use two of the basic analytical instruments.

Part I

During Part I, we introduce and work specifically with two of the three basic analytical instruments. We work through the theory and how it may be used diagnostically, consultatively and professionally. One session is also used to connect the analytical instruments with “Value-based consultation” in addition to consultation areas, where defense mechanisms, values, human needs and different beliefs in the context of change management are involved and processed. The policy for trademark protection and the protection of intellectual property rights are also reviewed. Time is also assigned to planning the participants’ practical use of the instruments in their own professional practice.

The dates for the Parts II and III are scheduled during Part I.

Part II

During Part II, we deepen our experiences of the Four Rooms through the use of the third analytical instrument in the basic certification program. Part II also opens up for the exchange of experiences between the workshops. Participants and program management share experiences for deepening the learning experince. Discussions of the educational and consultative aspects. Participants plan for the future between the workshops focusing on the practical applications of the theory.

Part III

During Part III we share even more insightful experiences from the professional use of the Four Rooms of Change. We discuss the advancement of the theory, analytical instruments, tools and their integration in the Four Rooms. The history of the Four Rooms a nd Claes Janssen’s research and development of the concepts is presented and discussed. During this part considerations for certification are discussed and explored. Other analytical instruments in the Four Rooms of Change series are introduced. Information is given on how membership in the User Forum can be used for one’s own professional development and to ensure quality to the end customer.

Who Can Participate?

You who are leading or supporting the development and change management in any kind of business or organization. If you work with social and community development projects such as in schools, elderly care, urban development or community planning. If you want to be able to better cope with individual and collective defense mechanisms.

You may be:

  • Change Leader, Change agent, Educator, Consultant or Therapist
  • Production Manager, Marketing Manager, Principal, CEO, Chairman
  • Human Resources Executive, HR Specialist or HR Generalist
  • Union Representative
  • Project Manager, IT Specialist
  • Work Life Expert, Psychologist, Pastor, Aid Worker, Peacekeeper
  • Coach or professional support to inventors or entrepreneurs


Jun 20 2017 - Jun 21 2017


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10:00 - 16:00




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