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The Personal Dialectics

Personal Dialectics with the Outsider Scale is a Four Rooms of Change analytical instrument which can be used for individual and group development.

This analytical instrument – The Personal Dialectics – is based on the existence of two different life approaches, i.e., very different ways of looking at oneself, others and society and the consequences it has in collaboration, development, and change.

How to use The Personal Dialectics

The Personal DialecticsThe Personal Dialectics can be used in individual development work in order to increase self-awareness, as well as to give a better understanding of one’s own and others’ driving forces and preferences, and the consequences these forces have for the organization. The Personal Dialectics shed light on peoples ability to make conscious and realistic choices, both under stress and in everyday life. It also helps people to understand, appreciate and take advantage of each other’s differences in cooperation and development.

It can be used in smaller groups and individually, for example for individual support, coaching, individual supervision or equivalent. Management teams, boards, project and working groups as well as individuals, benefit significantly from The Personal Dialectics. It is an excellent support for major and minor changes, leadership development and in crises and conflicts.


The Personal Dialectics is accompanied by a theory booklet, a questionnaire and an answer sheet.

Additional material can be added when needed.