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The Organizational Barometer

The Organizational Barometer is an analytical instrument used to measure the climate in a group, team or organization.

The Organizational Barometer consists of the Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change, which helps a group to construct and build their understanding of the Four Rooms of Change, and a questionnaire with 40 questions.

The Organizational BarometerThe Organizational Barometer is conducted with all employees and managers together. Everyone is involved, and everyone’s view is taken into consideration. The process is always led by a certified user. Working with the Organizational Barometer gives the group concrete values on how the group or organization is functioning in the Four Rooms terms:

  • What are we content with?
  • What are we censoring?
  • What creates confusion?
  • And how much inspiration is there in the group?

Together, the group works with analysis, processing, conclusions and action plans for change and improvement. Individual, group and management measures are planned so that the most important things can happen immediately. Implementation of the plan is done with everyone’s participation. This makes the impact very strong and viable. Methods and tools for daily and weekly review of the situation are available.

After 8-10 months, a new Organizational Barometer is undertaken, all action plans and commitments are followed up on and new action plans are made.

Using The Organizational Barometer

The Organizational Barometer can be used in the following ways:

  • To introduce change and development to increase the conversion (re-adjustment) and/or development rate.
  • Before, in and after a reorganization or other change.
  • To create more participation – open and structured use of co-workers experiences, creativity and dedication.
  • At the start of a project and for later evaluation of the state of the project.
  • In connection with managerial changes or other changes in a group.
  • In systematic environmental work to measure and follow up the working atmosphere.

The Organizational Barometer is an excellent alternative or complement to anonymous surveys.


  • Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change. Theory booklet and a questionnaire with 7 questions.
  • Organizational Barometer with 40 questions and answer sheet.

Additional material can be added when needed.