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Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change®

The Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change® can be used in many different contexts. It takes 3-4 hours for any group to design the Four Rooms of Change with professional guidance based on their own experiences. Afterwards, you carry it with you and understand it.

How to use the Introduction

The Introduction can be used as a working material for a workshop or offsite meeting on change and development in a specific situation. Other example when the Introduction fits well may be:

  • For change and development
  • For individual support, coaching, personal supervision or equivalent
  • Before a merger
  • Before project launches
  • In connection with evaluation of projects
  • In connection with managerial changes or other changes in a group
  • In leadership development
  • And not at least when a customer/client needs to formulate the situation that call for internal/external support

Introduction to the Four Rooms of ChangeThe working method invites strong involvement and considerable participation.
Using the Introduction creates a common language that can be applied directly.

If you want to proceed and immerse yourself, you can use The Personal Dialectics, which broadens your knowledge of individual perspectives and approaches. If you’re going to continue working on developing a group or a company, choose The Organizational Barometer as the next step.