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Additional analytical instruments

Team Barometer

The Team Barometer improves collaboration and efficiency in groups. It is based on The Four Rooms of Change theory and Wilfred Bions theory on groups.

Life Awareness Index

The Life Awareness Index gives an indication of how a person experiences his or her life; to what extent he or she feels satisfied with how it looks today and what is missing or needs to be changed.

Family Barometer

The Family Barometer helps a family to talk about how it is working for everyone in the family, the family relationships and to find new development opportunities together.

Sports Team Barometer

The Sports Team Barometer helps a sports team and its management to answer the questions: How is it going? What could be better? How do we get there?

Equality Barometer

The Equality Barometer measures how existing gender equality work is perceived and how the organization relates to gender equality as a goal. It marks what works well, what can be improved and how to work with and manage this improvement.