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Analytical Instruments

The analytical instruments can be used in connection with all kind of change, innovation and development.

The tools work in all types of companies and organizations and on an individual, group or system level. The instruments are translated into a variety of languages.

Three basic instruments

  • Introduction to The Four Rooms of Change

    It takes 3-4 hours for a group to create the Four Rooms of Change based on their own experiences under professional supervision.
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  • The Organizational Barometer

    The Organizational Barometer is an analytical instrument used to investigate how a group, organization or company works.
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  • The Personal Dialectics

    The Personal Dialectics is an analytical tool used for individual and group development. It is often used in connection with coaching.
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Additional analytical instruments

  • Team Barometer
  • Life Awareness Index
  • Family Barometer
  • Sports Teams Barometer
  • Equality Barometer

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The Four Rooms of Change concept consists of

  1. Eight analytical instruments
  2. Guides for working with them
  3. Tools for everyday use and follow up purposes, for example a magnetic whiteboard, workbooks and flipcharts