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Quality Assurance

Always use a certified facilitator

The Four Rooms of Change is a registered trademark. This means that only certified users can work with the Four Rooms of Change concept.

Certification requires:

  • Completion of the Certification Program during one year.
  • Practical application in real situations between the parts of the program.
  • Approved certification during part three of the program.

Certified users get access to:

  • Scientific-based analytical instruments.
  • Tested step-by-step guides and support tools.
  • Invitation to attend annual conferences and workshops for updates and experience exchanges.
  • Support by experienced managers.
  • Access to an ever-expanding national and international network of professional users.

The analytical tools

  • The psychological tests have been correlated to approximately 20 other tests.
  • Experiments from the research have been repeated and the results have been verified thousands of times.