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About us

The Four Rooms of Change Group

The Four Rooms of Change concept was created as a direct consequence of research conducted by Claes Janssen Ph.D. Based on the research results, Janssen, in collaboration with A&L Partners AB, developed the methods to work with it commercially. A&L Partners is the parent company to Fyrarummaren AB / the Four Rooms of Change Group.

Staff at The Four Rooms of Change
Drusilla Copeland, Bengt Lindström, Sunita Raut and Yvonne Förnemark.

Certification Program Manager International

Drusilla Copeland. Send email to Drusilla.

Certification Program Manager International and Sweden

Bengt Lindström. Send email to Bengt.

International project leader

Sunita Raut. Send email to Sunita.

Economy, invoicing

Contact Yvonne Förnemark. Send email to Yvonne.

All immaterial rights such as copyright, rights to the registered trademarks and all commercial rights belongs to the Four Rooms of Change Group, Fyrarummaren AB. The registered trademarks Four Rooms of Change, the Organizational Barometer, Fyrarummaren and Förändringens fyra rum, as well as the concepts, texts, questionnaires and models that the trademarks protect may only be used commercially by users that have been certified by Fyrarummaren AB or any of their official international distributors.

International distributors

The Four Rooms of Change concept is run by local distributors in Finland, Croatia and Australia.

Do you want to bring the Four Rooms of Change to your part of the world?

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We are looking for a distributor in the United States

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