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This is The Four Rooms of Change – the real deal that helps you manage change

The Four Rooms of Change in action
The Four Rooms of Change has for decades helped, and continues to help,  hundreds of thousands of people and their businesses to succeed, all over the world.

The Four Rooms of Change is a theory, a concept and a methodology with analytical instruments, models and proven best practice models. It supports innovation, development, change and transformation as well as stability and everyday business.

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The Four Rooms of Change® works in all types of companies and organizations, whether private, public, political or not-for-profit. It can be used by individuals, groups and complex systems. It is available in several languages. We welcome you to try it out and get certified!

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Listen to what Angela Scaffidi has to say about The Four Rooms of Change

If you want an introduction to The Four Rooms of Change in 3.5 minutes – feel free to listen to Angela Scaffidi’s description below.

Angela Scaffidi has more than 25 years of experience as an organization development consultant in Australia, at Senate SHJ and McKinsey. Hear her describe how the Four Rooms of Change works for herself and for her clients. “So convincing and practical!”

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Why not do it the IKEA way by purchasing a corporate license? We are proud to say that IKEA has used the Four Rooms of Change in all corners of their business and all over the world since 1997. It has, without a doubt, helped them succeed. And proves that the Four Rooms of Change works everywhere.

An organization can choose to purchase a license to gain fast and easy access to the entire concept, materials, and instruments, including certification and development of internal Four Rooms of Change practitioners. This makes the implementation process more efficient and less dependent on external resources. It builds sustainability.

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Interested in becoming the official distributor in your country or region?

We are interested in getting in touch with values-driven consulting groups or other types of businesses who already are, or have an interest in becoming, a game-changer in the field of helping social systems master their change processes in a sustainable and collaborative way.

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Organize a Certification Program in your part of the world

We are equally interested in collaborating with and supporting anyone who wishes to organize a Four Rooms of Change Certification Program in their professional community, network, city, country or region. Contact Drusilla Copeland, International Sector.

False claims about changes in the rights to use The Four Rooms of Change

False claims are currently being spread about changes in the rights to use The Four Rooms of Change®. These claims – and rumors – are just false. Are you affected and want to know more – here is the official response from A&L Partners AB and Fyrarummaren AB:

Be aware of look-alikes and plagiarisms

The Four Rooms of Change originates from Claes Janssen, Ph.D., research project 1964-1975. The title of his thesis was Personal Dialectics: Self-censors, Outsiders, and Integration. It is here that the Four Rooms of Change model and all its psycho-metrics was first published by Liber Publishers in Sweden. The Change House, the House of Change, the MIRC model, and the Four Room Apartment are all just look-alikes and plagiarisms that should be avoided.

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